Our mini goats are so sweet and affectionate. They came to us from a private breeder, and have grown up on the farm since they were four months old.

They love to run and play on their spool/pallet structure. Furthermore, they love being brushed and hugged by our visitors.



Our rabbits came directly from a private breeder. Their mothers and fathers were raised in cages, but that is not the case for our rabbits!

We have worked hard to ensure our rabbits have lots of exercise and stimulating play every day.


Our pony and miniature horse love getting treats and hugs from people.

They may be small, but they are the bosses of the pasture.

This mare and gelding love grazing with the sheep and sleeping in the sunshine.



All of our chickens were brought to the farm when they were a day old. 

They spent weeks in a warm brooder before going outside to their coop.

Come see them play music and swing in their enclosure.



Our original ducks came to the farm when they were a week old. As ducklings, they spent a lot of time inside a bathtub, swimming, eating, and playing.

We added to our flock from a private breeder, and everyone is happily shaking their tailfeathers.

Their favorite spots are diving for minnows in the pool and taking naps on the lawn.

They love getting treats from our visitors as well!


These rams came to the farm from a private breeder when they were only two months old.

Although small at first, these two grew bigger than the goats in only a month! Now, they are as big as the ponies.

These sweet lambs are still pretty shy, but enjoy bouncing through the pasture, playing with their friends, and taking naps in the shade.